ESRIC recognizes her responsibility as a corporate citizen towards its stakeholders and the communities within which it operates.  Accordingly, the Corporation is committed to playing a role in the economic development of Eswatini and sustainable development in aligning her vision and mission statements to that of her performance as a corporate citizen.  CSI is a major cornerstone for good corporate citizenship, and forms an integral part of our Brand Identity and Corporate Image enhancement is a key component of ESRIC’s stated in the corporate values.

Strategic CSI takes the investment programme to a new level within ESRIC where it becomes integrated into mainstream activities. Objectives are set and aligned to those of the Corporation and measures are put into place for evaluation and readjustment.  We strive to ensure that our programme remains strategic by being:

  • Professionally managed;
  • Funding projects that have a logical fit with the ESRIC;
  • Engaging the full array of organizational resources, in an appropriate manner;
  • Considering activities at all levels of the organization, such as staff initiatives;
  • Being a function that is driven by the company’s corporate mission;
  • Regularly evaluated and updated where required; and
  • Takes into account company performance and is aligned to forecast profitability on both a year to date and annual basis.


Environmental Sustainability

ESRIC is committed in complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Therefore we are committed to ensure that our choice of sponsorship is directed to organizations whose activities do not harm or violate environmental sustainability standards.

Legitimate Entity

The benefiting organization must be legally registered and its operations comply with applicable laws of the country and relevant industry regulating body. In community based organizations, it must be endorsed by the community leadership structures.

Professionally Managed

The organization must have transparent directors or project leaders, functional bank accounts with traceable references and beneficiaries to an extent reasonably possible.   

Locally based organization or initiatives

The organization must have locally based beneficiaries and its operations be based in ESwatini.


The organisation or beneficiary must be capable and willing to account for the funds disbursed to them by the Corporation.

Relevant Objectives

The Project must be in line with ESRIC’s focal points as listed on section 4 below.

Reputational Risk

The benefiting organization must have positive publicity and command good reputation.

ESRIC has a right to withdraw its sponsorship at any given time without notice.


The Corporation shall not fund projects/activities and organizations driven by political goals, objectives or aspirations. The Corporation shall not align itself to any political organization and/ or any movement. The Corporation shall not support nor donate funds to any religious sect, organization and or movement. The Corporation will not in any manner align itself with any religious organization. The following are some guidelines regarding the selection of projects and proposals that the Corporations’ CSR program will consider supporting;

  1. Education – We will support school and tertiary related facilities, bursaries for the underprivileged and skills development in communities.  

  2. SME Development and entrepreneurship – We will support projects aimed at encouraging economic development at grassroots level, especially those that provide opportunities for vertical integration into ESRIC’s business model. 
  3. Health and Social Welfare – We will support health related programs in communities, orphanages, poverty reduction and any social welfare initiatives.
  4. Sports, Arts and Culture – We will support sporting and arts activities, that will create a platform to display, unearth and experience artistic talent in Eswatini.
  5. Strategic Alliance and Business Partners - These are activities that are initiated by ESRIC’s strategic partners that are in line with ESRIC’s interests.

For more information, please contact the Marketing, Corporate Communications and Business Development Manager.