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Wonkhe Wonkhe Funeral Plan


What is Wonkhe Wonkhe Funeral Plan?

This is an insurance cover that pays out a lump sum amount to cover any funeral expenses in the event a policy holder or any family member passes on.

Why Should I Take Wonkhe Wonkhe Funeral Cover?

Funerals are expensive. They cannot be planned for. In the event of death, the Wonkhe Wonkhe cover will give you the finances for a dignified funeral for your loved ones.

Who Is Covered In The Wonkhe Wonke Funeral Plan?

Cover can be for an individual with no dependents. The Family plan will cover the main member, spouse and up to six children who are below 21 years.

Parents above the age of 65 years are covered under the Wonkhe Wonkhe Senior citizens plan with a maximum cover of E10, 000.

How Much Cover Option Should I Take?

Cover options vary from E5, 000 to E40, 000. Estimate the funeral expenses you would incur. Then consider how much monthly premium you can afford. This will help you decide which option to take.

In the event of death, how do I claim?

All claims under this plan are paid within 3 hours of receipt of all the necessary documents.You can lodge your claim at ESRIC offices in Mbabane or Manzini.

What are the documents required to claim?

Any additional information I should know?

Where do I pay my premiums?

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