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  1. What do I do if my car is stolen and not recovered by the police?

    For ESRIC to pay, the following documents need to be available:

    1. A filled Theft claim form
    2. A letter from the financier confirming a loan settlement amount, if the car was still under bank finance.
    3. A certificate of cancellation from Central Motor Registry.
    4. Signed agreement of loss form
    5. Insured bank details
    6. Car keys
  2. What do I do if I have caused an accident and the person is lodging a claim against me?

    1. Report the accident to ESRIC and fill the own damage claim form.
    2. In most cases, the third party claiming from you will have a letter of demand. It should have clear reasons why you are held liable for the loss.
    3. A copy of the police report should accompany the document.
    4. 3 quotations should be presented obtained from the ESRIC authorized garages.

NB: Only ESRIC is allowed to enter into negotiations with third parties so ensure that any approach (especially summons or legal process) is immediately referred to the insurer.

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